About us

Since 2012 KLF has grown from strength to strength launching in more schools than ever, appearing @ local events, kids parties, nurseries, and many local schools.

What do we do?

Our team of fully qualified, insured, DBS Checked & experienced instructors run fun fitness classes for children within schools! We come to you with everything needed for a fit-tastic unforgettable session...our lesson plans are structured around the chosen discipline of exercise & age group creating active opportunities for children that they will LOVE LOVE LOVE! Our goal is to get ALL children no matter who & where MOVING! You don’t have to be the most co-ordinated, sportiest child in class to have fun & get active! We don’t need to highlight all the media coverage of obese, inactive children & the effects on the future to know that if we get more children active, the future is a much brighter & happier one for our little people….

Our Mission:

  • Create fun fitness classes for children of all ages within schools
  • Create fun fitness parties for children of all ages within the community
  • Promote a healthy, active lifestyle to continue into the lives of children after school years
  • Provide a fully qualified, insured, experienced team of amazing KLF instructors
  • Inspire & Motivate children to keep active & make positive choices

In collaboration with: